Får är fantastiska! Sheep are fantastic!

Welcome to SheepShopen!

We sell all kind of wool products from our native sheep breed Klövsjö Sheep.

We sell non-assorted and assorted wool, non-carded and carded wool and wool for felting and spinning. We have also wool from our mix-breed sheep for filling of pillows etc.

We sell pillows for adults and children as well cushions in cotton or linen. All filled with 100% wool. We also sell hand-spinned yarns and you can even compose your own yarn which we then spinn for you! Or why not spin your own yarn? Come to us and we'll learn you to spin!

We sell also felted products: pot and beer mats as well as chair mats with long wool and felted rugs.

You can also buy coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soft dring and other refreshments in SheepShopen. Or we can go and pat our fantastic sheep.

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